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    At Keells Foods Products PLC we unlock the nutritional potential of ingredients and food products to deliver enhanced value to our customers & investors.

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  • Shareholder Information

    Keells Food Products PLC is a subsidiary of the John Keells Group, Sri Lanka's largest conglomerate listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange operating over 70 companies in 7 diverse industry sectors

    Our passion for sustainable growth and development means that we follow an integrated approach that combines financial performance with sound corporate governance, product and service excellence, workforce development, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

Financial Reports

We publish a range of financial documents for the reference of our investors and the general public each year, including Annual Reports, Corporate Governance Reports, and Interim Reports.

  • Annual Report 2022-2023
  • Corporate Governance 2022-2023
  • Interim Report March 2023
  • Annual Report 2021-2022
  • Annual Report 2020-2021
  • Annual Report 2019-2020
  • Annual Report 2018-2019
  • Annual Report 2017-2018
  • Annual Report 2016-2017
  • Annual Report 2015-2016
  • Annual Report 2014-2015
  • Annual Report 2013-2014
  • Corporate Governance 2021-2022
  • Corporate Governance 2020-2021
  • Corporate Governance 2019-2020
  • Interim Report June 2022
  • Interim Report September 2022

Supplementary Notice to Shareholders

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  • Instructions to participation to AGM
  • AGM Registration Form
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting
  • Form of Proxy
  • Submission of the Annual Report to Shareholders

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