• Keells Krest Spicy Soya Meat with Vegetables

    Keells Krest Soya Meat

    A fleshy and delicious alternative to meat that is too good to be true, Keells Krest Soya Meat range delivers a truly authentic dish high in protein and low in fat and suitable for a wider flavour palette.

  • Soya Meat

    Soya Meat
  • Soya Meat

    Keells Krest Soya Meat range offers high-protein nutrition without meat.

    A textured vegetable protein (TVP) ideal for vegans and vegetarians, the low-fat meat alternative is affordable and delicious.

    Made with textured soy protein Keells Krest Soya Meat is a tasty and nutritious choice that can be served as a meat alternative in any dish.

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